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Should You Get A Stand Fan Or Ceiling Fan?

A fan is a necessity in Singapore’s tropical heat. Despite our need for it, many homeowners often choose the cheapest fan model without considering the benefits of buying one with better specifications. There are two common types of fans in Singapore — stand fan and ceiling fan. Find out whether a stand fan or a ceiling fan is more suitable for your family and what you should consider when choosing a fan.


Why Get a Fan?

Although air conditioning systems are faster at cooling a space and keeping you cool, they are not the most energy efficient or environmentally friendly appliances. Furthermore, the cool air emitted by air conditioners tends to condense in one spot due to inadequate circulation. As a result, utilising fans along with your air conditioning system, or periodically switching to fans instead is better for air circulation and reduces your carbon footprint. It may even cost you less money in the long run. 


Pros & Cons of Ceiling FansDifferent model of ceiling fans

Pro #1: Aesthetics

Ceiling fans are a preferred choice for better aesthetic value. They come in different designs, shapes and sizes to complement your interior, keeping you cool without compromising on aesthetics. For example, wooden fan blades to match your wooden furniture. Compared to stand fans, ceiling fans provide a more permanent and intentional look to create a complete interior design.


Pro #2: Space Saving

A ceiling fan is mounted on the ceiling of your room, taking up zero floor space and allowing you to free up extra space for other uses. This makes the space safer if you have children or pets as they cannot reach the fan and there won’t be wires or cords to trip them over. Many ceiling fans also come with lights built in, eliminating the need to choose between a ceiling fan or a light fixture.


Pro #3:  Better Air Circulation

Ceiling fans are usually installed in the centre of the ceiling, allowing effective air circulation, distributing air evenly around the room unlike stand fans


Pro #4: Smart Home Integration

For added convenience, some ceiling fans may be integrated into your smart home system. Some models even come with smart apps. You may use voice command or simply press a button on your phone to turn on the fans instead of manually doing so. Stand fans are not compatible with smart home systems.


Con #1: Installation Required

Ceiling fans cannot be installed by the homeowner and must be installed by a professional during the renovation process. This means you’ll have to pay more for installation and won’t be able to easily add on additional ceiling fans after moving in. 


Con #2: Permanence

Ceiling fans cannot be uninstalled and relocated once they have been installed. If you want a fan blowing straight at you to keep cool, this permanent fixture might not be for you.


Pros & Cons of Stand Fans

Different model of stand fans

Pro #1: Low Commitment

Stand fans are less permanent than ceiling fans, making them a flexible device that you may use whenever you choose. If you need an additional fan, simply purchase one and utilise it or store it in a room when not in use. It only has to be assembled and plugged in to start working.


Pro #2: Concentrated Cool Air

A stand fan can oscillate to distribute air throughout a part of the room or be stopped to blow concentrated cool air in a certain direction. You can position a stand fan next to you when sleeping or working to help you cool off more efficiently.


Pro #3: Portable

A stand fan is portable and may be moved to other rooms as necessary. You may bring them into the living room and plug them in to start using them if you need an additional stand fan to cool your guests. However, in order to accommodate more stand fans, you will need additional electrical sockets.


Con #1: Generates Noise

When some stand fans run, they can generate a lot of noise, which might be bothersome for some families with young children or puppies who are sensitive to noise. 


Con #2: Less Appealing

Many stand fan designs may not be suitable for some home interiors because of their limited colour options and conventional metal designs. However, modern stand fans, such as tower fans, come in newer designs and better technology, their sleeker exteriors make them suitable for different interiors. 


What to Look for in a Fan?


1. Ease of MaintenanceWhen fans become dirty, they must be washed and cleaned in order to continue to serve you properly. Consider the amount of maintenance that will be needed when choosing a fan. Stand fans, for example, can be disassembled and cleaned in the bathroom, whereas ceiling fans must be wiped while standing on a step stool or ladder.


2. Energy Consumption

Global warming is a serious issue and we should pay attention to the amount of energy our appliances consume just to operate. Stand fans generally consume less energy, but there are also ceiling fans today with energy-saving features such as an Eco Mode function with a temperature sensor


3. Style

Do you want your home to have a modern, minimalist style or a natural, soothing aesthetic? Consider a sleek and timeless pinewood style for your ceiling fan for a biophilic decor.


4. Circulation

Consider getting a ceiling fan if you want better circulation and ventilation. If your room is small, however, a stand fan will suffice. Some stand fans even have up and down auto-oscillation that allows for improved air distribution.


5. Speed Selections

Consider whether you need additional speed controls to meet a variety of needs. For example, moderate speeds are good for gentle cooling and fast speeds are good for immediately cooling after a hot day. For more cooling options, some fans offer up to nine speed adjustments.


Both stand fans and ceiling fans have advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for different types of families. The perfect choice eventually depends on what you really need it for. 

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