5 Reasons Every Malaysian Home Should Have An Air Purifier

Staying in good health is key to living a happier life. Beyond maintaining proper diets and having regular exercise, one understated factor to our health is the air quality that we breathe in daily. Air purifiers circulate air through a variety of filters, trapping and removing pollutants, microbes, and allergens for cleaner and safer air. Here are 5 reasons why every Malaysian home should have an air purifier.


1. Relieve asthma and allergy symptoms.

Air purifiers help to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of asthma and sinusitis that many Malaysians experience, such as shortness of breath and nasal congestion. These conditions are triggered by the presence of allergies, ranging from dust to pollen and microbes.

Air purifiers feature HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters that trap over 99.97% of particles approximately 0.3 microns and larger in size. The filters help to rid of dust, pollen, fur, mould, germs, and other airborne particles, reducing allergy symptoms and keeping the air in your home clean and comfortable. Many smart air purifiers feature preset controls, remote operation, and digital displays that show real-time indoor air quality levels for added convenience and peace of mind.


2. Improve the quality of your sleep.

The amount and quality of sleep directly impact our mood, productivity and energy levels. While asleep, airborne particles can lead to blocked nose, causing throat irritation and airway obstruction. In turn, this can lead to heavy snoring that hinders sleep quality.

Air purifiers filter out harmful airborne particles, helping to alleviate snoring and other related issues. Many models also feature high speed modes to rapidly purify your room for a good quality sleep and night modes that run quietly in the background allowing one to fall asleep easily. They also constantly monitor the air quality and automatically adjust fan speed in response to particle concentration to ensure quality air is circulated throughout the night.


3. Reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

During this global pandemic, many Malaysians are concerned about the spread of airborne diseases, especially within enclosed environments and for households with elderly individuals, young children, and people with weakened immune systems. 

Blueair’s Sense+ air purifiers feature HEPASilent Ultra™ technology, combining electrostatic and mechanical filtration to provide superior protection against bacteria, viruses, and mould. Its GermShield™ technology actively monitors the air and kills both viruses and bacteria through low air draft and plasma charging, while utilising a gentle stream of air to prevent further growth of germs.

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