Smartwatch Buying Guide: Buying A Smartwatch For Yourself

Smartwatch Buying Guide: Buying A Smartwatch For Yourself

Smartwatches are the latest in-thing that everyone is scrambling to get. From added convenience to amazing health-monitoring features, watches are no longer just tools we use to tell the time. Do you intend to buy a smartwatch too? Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a smartwatch for yourself. 


1. Compatibility

Most smartwatches are designed to work alongside your smartphone. When connected to a smartphone or tablet, a smartwatch can send alerts, notifications, and be useful in many other ways. Without pairing your smartwatch to a device, you may not be able to enjoy the full convenience and multiple functions it offers. This is why device compatibility is so important when purchasing a smartwatch.Smartwatch manufacturers who also make smartphones usually make their watches compatible with the majority of their products. The Apple Watch, for example, is designed for use with Apple’s iPhone, whereas Samsung’s smartwatches are designed for use with Samsung’s range of smartphones and tablets. There are numerous other smartwatch models that are compatible with a wide range of devices; these compatibility options can be found easily on the brand’s website.


2. Display

Most smartwatches use a colour LCD screen or AMOLED display.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel display that uses liquid crystals and a backlight to display visuals on screens. The only source of light illuminating the screen is the backlight. As a result, LCD displays generally have a lower contrast ratio because the backlight will not turn off even if the pixels are supposed to be black. OLED, on the other hand, can simply turn off each of its individual light-emitting components.

The Apple Watch uses an OLED display, which has a high pixels-per-inch resolution for clear, accurate colours and improved picture quality.

Another display technology, AMOLED, stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, in which individual light-emitting components can switch on and off, producing different colours for improved image quality and contrast. Some smartwatches use super AMOLED displays that will automatically adapt to various lighting conditions to make it easier on the eyes while still providing excellent picture quality.

In recent years, smartwatch manufacturers have introduced a new feature known as Always-On Display. Many people dislike having this feature because they think it will drain battery power. However, it requires very little energy to operate. You can keep your smartwatch awake at all times without draining the battery.


3. Design, Personalisation & Comfort

Design, personalisation options, and comfort are all important factors to consider. Many brands provide a selection of straps, as well as the ability to swap the straps out for a third-party option. This is useful for those who want to match their watch to their daily outfits, or those who want to personalise the look of their smartwatch. There are even watch bands designed for specific events or occasions, such as breathable options for wear during sporting activities.Prioritise getting comfortable and easy-to-use bands that can be secured or loosened easily with one hand, and soft watch bands that will not cause discomfort even if you have them on for long periods of time.

Aside from the watchband, some smartwatches are designed to be slimmer, thinner, and lighter for comfortable, all-day wear despite having larger screens for better viewing. These are great options for comfort and functionality.


4. Features & App Selections

The purpose of getting a smartwatch is to make your life easier and more convenient through the use of apps and features that can boost your productivity. 

There are basic smartwatches with simple fitness tracking features and more advanced ones with blood oxygen and ECG apps, or emergency SOS features that allow you to call for medical help quickly after an accident. These are suitable for regular people, fitness enthusiasts and the elderly. There are also smartwatches fitted with features suitable and useful for children such as interactive app experiences that lets children have fun, easy chore manage features to manage your children’s tasks and schedule alerts and alarms, as well as easy access to contact information if an emergency occurs. 

For the daredevils, there are models that include all the features you need for a variety of training activities and dangerous expeditions. They even allow you to charge your smartwatch with solar energy so that you can have a fully functional smartwatch even after spending days in the wilderness. 

Aside from fitness features, many smartwatches include GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to answer calls and respond to messages from your smartwatch, which is ideal for busy people who want to stay productive even while on the go.For women who are trying to conceive, there are even features in a smartwatch that can monitor your skin temperature and alert you when you are ovulating.

Getting a smartwatch for yourself requires extensive research because you want to buy one that will help you experience your life to the fullest. A basic smartwatch with basic fitness functions will not suffice if you are an adventurer. However, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, the most expensive smartwatch with all of the fitness monitoring tools will not be a worthy investment.

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