How To Choose Between a Gaming Laptop and Desktop PC

How to choose between a Gaming Laptop and Desktop PC?

Be it the post-apocalyptic, eerie, neon-dimmed world of Ghostrunner, the staggering, grim open-world of Assassin Creed Valhalla, or the glamour-obsessed megalopolis of Cyberpunk 2077… surely any gamer cannot wait to dive deep into the imaginative, exhilarating PC games that are finally here in 2021. One big choice to make before you can experience the immersive thrills of these games is: gaming laptop or desktop PC? 

If you’re having trouble deciding between a portable gaming laptop and larger, but more customisable gaming computer, check out our useful guide for the pros and cons of each, and find out which is the best for you! 


Performance may have been a factor of consideration in the past, but with modern technologies in this day and age, both gaming laptops and desktop PCs in Singapore are comparable in terms of performance. 

Gaming laptops are highly powerful and efficient and able to deliver almost the same gaming experience as a desktop PC. Definitely, computers still hold the edge on performance because they are able to house high-end components and thermal compounds for better cooling – but overall, the difference in performance can be overlooked. 

So, should you prefer a gaming laptop, performance is certainly not an issue. You might want to take into consideration the other factors below. 


Gaming Laptops Are Portable

Gaming laptops work best for those who enjoy gaming anywhere and everywhere! Laptops come with a display, keyboard and trackpad, and are also easily connectable to a gaming mouse, so that you can dive into your most exciting PC games wherever you are. Want to have the option of taking your gaming experience out to a friend’s home or nearby cafe? The right gaming laptop will allow you to do almost everything that you can do on a desktop – just outside. 

Gaming PCs, on the other hand, are larger and need to be connected to a monitor and power supply to be used. Although some people don’t mind bringing their entire gaming setup, PC and everything else, to big occasions like LAN parties in Singapore, PC users are mostly stationed at home. The big perk for PCs is that they can be extensively connected to external devices like multiple monitors, non-standard peripherals or additional audio products, allowing for a more flexible and customisable gaming experience!


We’re not saying that gaming laptops are not at all customisable – you do get to choose from a series of core components when you are purchasing your laptop, such as the storage, RAM, GPU, CPU and, for some laptops, the display. After buying the laptop, you can also make some adjustments to the hardware, but that’s about it. You’ll be sticking to mostly the same set of hardware until you decide to switch a laptop or until the day it stops running.

Aesthetic options for a laptop are available, but also pretty limited. Apart from textured wrapping, painting, etching, or changing the backlighting of the keyboard, there’s nothing much else you can do to customise the appearance of your laptop. Many find these options satisfactory, so if you’re good with how a laptop already looks and feels, then go for it! 

Desktop PC with inbuilt CPU coolers

Prefer a plethora of customisation options? Gaming PCs allows for customisation to the most specific detail – so that you only keep what you want and be rid of what you don’t! You can optimise your PC’s cooling by installing a custom liquid cooling loop, fans, or even All-in-One CPU coolers to ensure the best performance. 


Altogether, whether a gaming laptop or computer is better depends on your preferences and gaming style – are you a stay-home gamer, do you prefer portability, is a high-level of customisation important to you? Choosing your laptop or computer is the first step towards building your most captivating gaming experience, but it isn’t the only step. You can also add on to the fun with enticing gaming accessories like headsets, in-ear headphones, soft mousepads, and even hardcore gaming mice. Build your most engaging Dark Souls experience today.  

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