5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Dryer In Singapore

5 reasons why you should invest in a dryer in Singapore

Even with Singapore’s hot and sunny weather, a tumble dryer plays an important role for many households in the city. Providing a quick and easy option for drying your clothes, plus saving busy families lots of time and effort, the tumble dryer is a compact addition to your kitchen that is definitely worth the consideration. Not too sure if this easy-dry accessory matches your lifestyle? Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a dryer in Singapore.  

1. Enjoy crisp clothes, no matter the weather 

On top of perpetually humid days, the rain and monsoon seasons in the country make drying clothes particularly a hassle. Air-drying clothes can take a long time during the soggy December periods, either causing a backlog on all your other laundry, or damp odours hanging on to every piece of clothing you have across the entire festive season. With a dryer, it’s guaranteed that your clothes will come out crisp and warm – no matter the weather! 

Dryer In Singapore No Matter The Weather

Even on Singapore’s quivering hot days, tumble drying has its perks. Putting your clothes to dry out in the sun causes colours to fade fast, plus exposes your laundry to pollutants like dust, smog, and food smells. You also no longer have to worry about unpredictable downpours that soak your clean laundry through, causing you to do double the work of having to wash them again. 

2. Best indoor drying for condo residents

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats have bamboo pole holders fixed outside the window, allowing homeowners to dry their clothes in the hot sun, and landed properties have enough room outdoors for clothes to sun-dry. But for people staying in condominium flats in Singapore, sun-drying clothes isn’t such a simple option. 

Indoor Drying Rack

Most condominium flats only have ceiling hangers to hold laundry poles, so condo owners don’t get to air-dry their clothes under direct sunlight. With indoor air-drying, clothes take a longer time to dry and give off an odour even after drying

Tired of soggy laundry? With a tumble dryer, you can be rid of damp clothes and relish cosy, clean ones instead!

3. Save precious time and energy

Energy Saving Dryer with Mobile Phone

An average wash load takes a short 30-45 mins to tumble dry in a good dryer, while air-drying can take a good two to four hours – a long time for those who don’t have the time to wait before they head out on a Saturday morning. 

Tumble-drying also saves you the effort of having to peg your clothes on the pole, line, or space them out on the clotheshorse. Simply toss your clothes in the drum (do separate each piece of clothing first for best results), choose your ideal settings, and your clothes will be ready under an hour! 

4. Dry large and heavy items easily 

Bedsheets, upholsteries, and curtains are big items that need to be washed frequently but are just so difficult to dry. The long time it takes to peg and air-dry these items can interfere with your daily laundry routine, causing you to put a pause on the rest of your laundry. 

Dry Heavy and Large Items Easily

White Dryer Machine

The kg label on a tumble dryer lets you know how much laundry weight it can bear in one drying cycle. Depending on how much weight your big items add up to – and whether you usually wash them all at once, you can choose a 7, 8, or 9kg dryer to handle your load. 

5. Reduced ironing  

Reduced Ironing with Dryer

The Iron Dry setting available on some tumble dryers preserves a little moisture in your clothes for optimum ironing. When you iron your clothes that come out of the Iron Dry tumble cycle, they straighten out much faster and save you the effort of pressing out clothing creases again. Better still, the Crease Guard setting available in some dryers gets your clothes less wrinkled as you tumble-dry them more often, reducing the need for you to iron! 

Choosing a tumble dryer

Tumble Dryer

Thinking that a tumble dryer may suit your busy Singapore lifestyle? When choosing a dryer, also keep a lookout for the five-tick energy efficiency rating label to ensure that you’re keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. Invest in a good and efficient tumble dryer to make your everyday chores less of a hassle!

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